Så da har Hivehub Games kommet et skritt videre. Jeg har laget ferdig Beta versjonen av The Devourers. Et ølspill for 1 til flere spillere. Veldig enkelt og nesten umulig å tape.

Som sagt så har jeg lagt ut Beta versjonen på Hivecloud, men har du ikke tilgang så si ifra. Jeg trenger å teste det, og det gjør jeg gjerne på pøbb eller online. Si ifra.

Les fluff under her

From the Rimworlds the Hopsarions and the Maltsers are gathering. They are a race of devourers that reach out from their universe to bring pain and suffering to other species. The pain they inflict goes back to their Imperial leaders and strengthen their cause. A cause to destroy one spices and continue to the next. Right now they are gathering at our doorstep. They are nasty because they have infiltrated the species to believe it’s necessary to inflict pain on themselves.

They hide in flasks, boxes and glass and other liquid containing containers. But they have slipped up. The word fylleangst has started to spread among the species and now they are fighting back the intruders. One liquid unit at the time.

At the time of uproar there was a breakout. A faction from Hops and Malts have joined the species to create happiness to the species. They have found a correct composition to enlighten the species and they call themselves Holts. The Holts is considered a Hivemind that strengthens with the help of the species

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